At Sonrise Poly we specialize in meeting our customer’s needs. Having worked in the construction of quality outdoor poly furniture for many years, we try to have our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace. If you are a dealer in outdoor furniture looking for quality and value, you’re at the right place. We’ll do our part in keeping up to date designs and colors on hand. You do yours and get our poly furniture into the hands of end users. Take a look at our New Items here!

Environmentally Friendly

Poly furniture is not only long-lasting. Since it is made from plastic lumber that has been recycled it is also environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance free. Not to mention you’re putting all those milk jugs you recycled in the past to good use.

Easy to Clean

Gone are the days when your outdoor furniture fades or needs repainting every few years. See our cleaning tips page.


Quality and Variety Sells

At Sonrise Poly we believe that quality sells itself. If you carry a product that is visually attractive, sturdy and has workmanship that stands out you are well on your way to a sale.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. With our bold new poly colors  to go along with traditional Sonrise Poly colors and quality, we are confident your poly furniture business will prosper.

Handcrafted Bent Poly Rockers, Sonrise Poly, Denver PA


Handcrafted Bent Poly Rockers, Sonrise Poly, Denver PA


Handcrafted Bent Poly, Sonrise Poly, Denver PA