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At Sonrise Poly we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new things. Included in this are new colors for our long-lasting products. Nothing catches your eye quite like two-toned color poly furniture!

Included in these new colors are both rich, vivid colors as well as some pastel colors that are sure to catch your eye. The textures built into these colors add a pleasing, three-dimensional look as well.

Two-Toned Colors

When choosing your colors for a two-toned item it’s best to first of all pick a particular piece of poly furniture, choose your main color first, then a trim color that goes well or maybe contrasts a bit with the main color you chose. The possibilities are almost endless to create something that is truly unique to you.

15 NEW Colors!

Now, with 15 NEW poly colors for 2019, the opportunity to express yourself is even more limitless. Feel like a Strawberry Sundae? You got it; a perfectly tinted pink background with streaks of strawberry red creates a great effect. Or how about Blueberry Yogurt, shaded just right and trimmed with our standard Dark Purple? Don’t care for blueberries? Go for Black Cherry Yogurt, a pleasing cream background with dark cherry color running through it.


While we’re speaking of food colors, take a look at creamy Dream Sickle. That’s right, it’s exactly the color of your favorite cream sickle bar! That leaves the green texture of Mint to round out our selection of food colors.


Feeling solid as a rock? Choose new Marble for your main color, and trim it with standard black. Or you could choose Stone for a darker textured look. Grabe is the darkest of the stone like colors and contrasts nicely with some of the lighter colors.


Maybe you lean toward a wood look. If so check out our Speckled Maple, Walnut, Birch, or Barn Board colors. Autumn Leaf is a nice woody option as well, with just the right tint of color to remind you of your favorite fall scene.


On a lighter note choose “It’s A Boy” for just the right shade of blue for its namesake. Open Sea is also a shade of blue with a tint of green or turquoise.

Limited Editions

All of these New Sonrise Colors for 2019 are Limited Edition Poly Colors that are being tested in the marketplace. The most popular colors will likely become permanent offerings, while low production colors will eventually be dropped. Vote with your feet; come buy Poly Furniture with the New Color of your choice.


Six Things You Didn’t Know About Colors

Color facts can be interesting. as seen in this short infographic. Color through the years has been a way for people to express themselves, from black for mourning to bright colors that jump out and grab you. Here at Sonrise Poly we like to see you have more an more ways to express yourself Take a look at our 15 new poly colors!


Six Color Facts

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